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{that night was traumatizing for Bryan, he left the house while Jeff rapes her. But Bryan doesn't know what really happened.}


{Tiffany wakes up and sees herself in bed naked, but doesn't remember what happened that night, so much thinking about it gave her a headache}

"Why does it feel like I'm forgetting something?...................*takes a moment to think*.............BRYAN!!!!"

*runs to the room to look for him*

"BRYAN!!!........*gasps* he's not in the hidden basement...but where could he be?"

{Tiffany, got dressed and ran to Bryan's house. She ringed the doorbell, and the door opened. Bryan and Tiffany stared at each other silently awkwardly}

*closes the door*

"Wait!!! Bryan, what happened last night?!?"

"Don't play stupid with me Tiffany, I know you what you did with Jeff last night."

"What!?! What are you talking about?!? I don't remember anything last night. What did Jeff do to me?!? Bryan please believe me I don't know anything!!"

"Jeff....Jeff fucked you last night. Ring a bell?"

"............HE WHAT?!?!.........*starts to cry* I've been raped by Jeff, that's what your saying!!!"

"Whoa, so you weren't joking about not remembering anything....geez Tiff I'm sorry....we have to check if your not pregnant."

"No, there's no way I'm gonna have Jeff's baby!!!!"

"Tiff, just calm down...lets go to the doctor"

{so Tiffany and Bryan went to the doctors and the doctor took some samples. The doctor used an X-ray to see if she was pregnant. It was a negative chance she will not get pregnant}

"I'm so glad I'm not having a baby!!"


"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I....I gotta go..."



"Can, I stay at your place...I don't feel safe at mine?..."

"Ok.." *smiles a little*

{Tiffany and Bryan, stayed up late together to watch movies and eat popcorn. Tiffany went to sleep on Bryan's shoulder, Bryan softly kissed her forehead and went to sleep.}

***********Door knocking************

{tiffany wakes up, and checks the door nobody was there. Then she heard the wind coming from the window she looks around and closes the window. As she turned around Bryan was gone}

*gasps* "Bryan!! Where are you?!?"

"Bryan, isn't here Tiffany. It's just you and me.." *smiles evilly*

"What are you gonna do to me?"

"You'll see..."

{Jeff, runs towards to Tiffany from a blink of an eye grabs her and pushes her against the wall. Jeff takes out his knife and stabs her arm, Tiffany screams and cries in pain. Jeff, took his knife and stabs her stomach. Tiffany had nothing to scream or cry cause her mouth was full of blood. Jeff, left her there on the floor to die.}

*leans down* "well, Tiffany I believe this is the end of you.....I love you"
*kisses her.....then leaves*


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